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From the first moment that we started this blog, we wanted to gather together a community of creatives.
We are seeing an explosion of limitless imagination around us, reflected in gorgeous creations of all kind.  There are a huge amount of artists and artisans working with great care to bring you innovative ideas, original and beautiful, which deserve to be admired by the greatest possible amount of people.
At Dasi Glam we want to collaborate featuring those ideas and the artists which create them. So we came up with these questions, trying to enthusiasm you to participate.
If you’re an artist or artisan, IF YOU CREATE, then we encourage you to answer these simple questions and be featured at Dasi Glam.
The intention of the questions is to be used as a guide; you can answer all of them, just some, or send your own version to; you will always be welcome.
Your name:
If you wish, please include a photo

Name of your company/blog/web page/ brand:
Tell us a bit about you
Tell us about your designs and creative process.
How did you start making your creations?
What inspires you?
What type of materials do you use?
What are your favorite colors and combinations?
Tell us a little bit about a recently made design which you have specially liked.
Which do you believe to be your personal touch?
Where can we buy your creations?
Where can we find you?
Web page
We recommend that you list all your social media; it will be easier to locate your creations.
What future plans do you have?
What advice can you give us?
Is there something else you would like to mention?

Remember: It is very important that you send us photos of your designs.
Ideally, at least 3 to 5 photos. It can be more or less, as you wish.

Come on, join us!